Leaflets & Flyers & Posters

For best quality we suggest downloading PDF versions of the files (to a computer rather than a phone), and bringing the file to a reputable printing shop who can adjust to correct sizing. 

Whether you need to print a physical copy of the petition, want the logo to use for T-shirt printing or to host your own event, a flyer to collect signatures for the petition (rather than quickly have to explain the details to strangers), or something for your GP, friends or family, then this is where you'll find them.

eds4ire logonobackground.png

This is a PNG version of the logo. It's perfect for T-shirts, or if you want to us the logo on your own image, as it has no background. Click on the image and save in the same way you would save any online image -phone apps vary, but on a computer this is usually right click, and select save.

Or if you prefer, click on the PDF version below. If you require any other format please contact me.

Copy of Twitter eds4ire.jpg

This image is great if you are holding an awareness event to publicise the petition and want to create a sign telling people what you are doing, as it has a tag line under the main logo. This is the image that we use on the banner at protest gatherings and events. 

For best format, click on the PDF below and save this version to use.

EDS HSD Petition.jpg

Want to collect signatures on the street, your workplace or local club? Maybe you are holding an awareness event? Then simply click on the below PDF to save and print a physical version of our online petition.

Once you have filled your sheets or your event is over, you can input these names on to the online version by clicking here.


Our very first double-sided flyer details the website/ petition, with a basic explanation of EDS and HSD. This is perfect if you plan on holding an awareness event to collect petition signatures. Make sure to save both sides of flyer (PDF form). We suggest printing this flyer as A5 size. 

EDS and HSD Leaflet.jpg
EDS and HSD Leaflet2.jpg

Need a leaflet to further explain what EDS and HSD is and what issues patients face? Our tri-fold leaflet is perfect for doctor's offices, workplaces or schools, or even just if you meet someone who you believe may be suffering from a hypermobility condition.

Speak to your GP and see if they would be willing to stock some, and if so send me their information to post out a few.

Click on the below PDF if you wish to print your own version. These should be printed on A4 (back to front), then folded accordingly.


Maybe you need a simple explanation poster, perfect for events or notice boards such as surgeries or waiting rooms or college or workplace. 

Speak to your GP or consultants and see if they would be willing to put a poster up in their clinics, and if so send me their information to post out one to them.

Click on the below PDF if you wish to print your own version. This poster is best printed in A2 and is a large, high quality PDF suitable for large printing.